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Right now, the number of crypto users who still rely on the system is staggering.

Mobile wallets come and go. Pick one that doesn't rely on centralised exchanges, a company, an investor, bridges, banks or even a working network connection. Leave the system.

Is your wallet open source? Does it support thousands of coins? Does it allow you to HTLC Atomic Swap peer-to-peer with other blockchains? Does your current wallet rely on a blockchain that can be 51% attacked by a central banker with unlimited resources?

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The BiTSy wallet let's you trade with whoever you want, whenever you want, without relying on any third parties at all, and without even having a decent internet connection.

In this month's release of BiTSy:

  • Added our new "Node Hopping" algorithm (over 2 years in development and refinement)
  • Stealthily seeks out, and keeps you connected to the fastest connection across potentially hundreds of nodes in your area
  • Transactions are fully confirmed on-chain in 3 seconds or less, eliminating wait and risk, and making double-spends impossible
  • Brandable (we can add your company logo, color theme, etc)
  • Day and Night modes

What's coming:

  • Integrate our HTLC Atomic Swaps library (final testing now)
  • Add real-time Net Worth and Holdings charts
  • Migrate Java core to Kotlin Multi-Platform (KMP) for iOS/Swift release
  • Integrate our C-IPFS library (so app store approvals, http and dns are no longer needed)


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That's the only chaos of many wallets that came up they come and go quickly

yep, that's exactly why we future-proofed this one with the node hopping algorithm. every hour it will seek out new nodes that it can connect to, and every minute it will hop you on to the fastest node in the list (see the network tool on the settings screen).

besides that, atomic swaps and dex's means we no longer need any cex's.

besides that, c-ipfs means we won't even need appp stores, http or dns anymore either (censorship and attack vectors).

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