You Will Be Put In A Cage If You Make Allegations Against Extortion Racket Enforcers

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Police slam ‘untrue, baseless' allegations that checks at MRT stations target Malays

We all know that otherwise potentially delinquent, irresponsible and dangerous youths (in other contexts) are suddenly transformed into paragons of virtue by the simple application of a costume and their arming with deadly weapons. However, this is hardly new:

hitler youth.jpg

and is unlikely to change over time. What is important is how these young minds are managed and to what end. Youngsters, quite naturally, have a tendency to see the world in less nuanced, more black and white terms. Part of growing up is, of course, coming to terms with reality that doesn't always match our expectations. The cognitive dissonance that results from such episodes can be quite unpleasant and most people therefore try to avoid it. It's comforting to 'know' that your gang is better, more noble, more courageous etc. than who/whatever it is you've been setup to oppose. Simple, comforting but actually quite dangerous if unchecked. History is replete with examples, too numerous to mention here, of the worst atrocities and injustices being committed as a result of an arrogant certainty in the 'righteousness' of one particular idea/race/cause (insert whatever here).

So what do we do about it? Not easy. What you don't do is imbue these young minds with a sense of invincibility and moral superiority. Growing up in a world in which riding one's electric scooter at 11km/hr is deemed worthy of criminal sanction it must come as quite a revelation that, by the simple application of a costume and the blessing of the Elders, it is not possible for anyone to even allege that you have done anything wrong. Of course, such a circumstance has been contrived by the gang Elders in the first place: 'Don't worry, we've got your back' they can re-reassuringly explain to their young charges; and to prove their total confidence in the arrangement, deadly weaponry will be issued to each and every one of them 'just in case'.

When a gang with a monopoly on violence promotes 'peace, harmony and respect' what it really means is 'shut up' if you dare to question our right to rule over you. Imagine I'm a Jew in 1930's Germany and I am beaten up by a gang of SA outside my shop. I go to the 'authorities' and 'allege' that a crime has been committed against me. However, I am put in a cage for 'stirring up racial conflict'. Make sense? Depends who's shoes you're in. From the perspective of the State it makes perfect sense. It justifies it's existence to the 'People' by providing 'protection' services. To the Jew? Which one do you identify with most? Who benefits from this arrangement?

When you cannot allege, you have no voice. When you have no voice, you do not exist. If you do not exist then what difference does it make what is done to you?

Who's touting this dangerous idea? Perhaps a more 'grown up' approach would be to demonstrate to these young men that anyone is entitled to allege, but it is the evidence that counts in the end. Taking that to it's logical conclusion is something the 'Elders' are not quite so keen to promote. It takes the shine off the honor and nobility PR tools that allow the whole scheme to justify it's existence ( in contrast to yours).

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