Statist Puppet Ready To Sacrifice You

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Trump: US is 'ready for the absolute worst' with Iran

Whichever puppet happens to occupy the throne at any particular time is less important than the broad Statist narratives (backed by large conglomerates of vested interests) that put him there:

willing sacrifice.jpg

Let's do a quick tally of (just WW2) the 'sacrifices' that were made by those who sacrificed for them:

Japan: 500,000 dead - Emperor Hirohito - No consequence

UK: 450,000 dead - Winston Churchill - No consequence

US: 420,000 dead - Franklin Roosevelt - No consequence

Russia: 14,000,000 - Joseph Stalin - No consequence

as I'm sure you're aware, this could go on at length ...

Source: Wiki

Naturally it helps to 'win' in these giant gang wars that, incidentally, cause real chaos . As Hirohito and Kaiser Wilhelm (WW1) demonstrate even 'winning' isn't always necessary. Many times you will see the 'leaders' let off - all in the name of 'stability' and 'order', as ever. Essentially so that the Statist ideas they embody can be preserved.

I suggest that nobody should be initiating violence in the name of anyone. From the civil servant issuing threats in the form of tax demands, to the Navy Seals who are apparently just putting themselves 'in harm's way' and everyone else in between. Is this simplistic and naive? I suggest we all provide for our own security, either personally or by contract to a service provider. You will be responsible for the outcome(s), no-one else. The World is not perfect and it never will be. Or does it make more sense to sacrifice yourself to whichever 'Emperor' happens to be sitting on the local throne?

Trump is 'ready for' another opportunity to promote Trump. Whether you assist him, or the next puppet, is up to you.

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