State Shows Symptoms Of Statism

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German neo-Nazi doomsday cults plan revealed

How to react to unfolding socio-political logic? Prof Poynting concludes that "relative impunity — and indulgence — must be challenged.". Aside from the issues of determining 'relative impunity and indulgence' (largely subjective), how such a phenomenon is to be 'challenged' isn't stated. In fact, such a conclusion, I suggest is a typical academic 'indulgence'. Make a series of suggestions, which are then picked up on by politicians who claim it is the opinion of 'experts' that 'something must be done', to justify freedom trampling new laws. The 'expert' in retrospect can claim the politician misinterpreted the suggestions and adapted them for 'popular appeal'. In the end the politician did no wrong because he was just following the best available advice at the time, the academic did no wrong because he was misunderstood by the politician (who pays his bills) and both can claim that ultimately it was the ignorant and selfish public who must be responsible for the ensuing mess; despite the fact that it is the public that is forced into rational ignorance by the State system that is imposed on them by violent coercion who never really had a say in any of it. It is the general public that ends up paying the price.


(This image was typically, and ironically, titled 'Anarchy Erupts In Europe' (WW2)) instead of 'Extreme Statism Erupts In Europe'.

The general public is bombarded from birth to death with State propaganda designed to manipulate them into passive and predictable obedience. When it is unable to sustain all it's internal contradictions and combined with very real privations of opportunity the resulting frustration looks for an outward expression. The State has prepared them for nothing other than the State. Hierarchy, 'leadership', moral indignation, power to violently control etc. As a result (traumatized) people can come to believe that more Statism is the solution to (rather than the cause of) their problems.

'Challenging', without clarification or further questioning, is baseless rhetoric which can facilitate power grabbing politicians in their reach for more control on behalf of the State, instead of allowing for the free expression of (all) ideas that lessen it.


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