State Dictates Dress Code

in #agorism3 years ago


Dutch 'burqa ban' comes into force

Personally I would be categorized in the third largest 'religious denomination' of 'irreligious'. Which doesn't mean I reject the idea of spirituality, just many of the forms it takes in our World. No time for all that here. I, therefore, do not, and I doubt ever will, subscribe to Islamic beliefs. So what? What on earth has that got to do with using violent coercion to tell people how to dress? That is a principle that none of us can afford to accept, if we care about freedom at all.

Quite telling in the title article they also managed to slip 'will also apply to full-face helmets and balaclavas' into their new legislation. In other words they're hoping that any 'furore' over the 'burqa' and religious freedom will distract from the simple fact that they want to be able to use facial recognition technology on everyone all the time. In other words, good old 'divide and conquer'


I invite my Muslim friends to see this for what it is, as some already do ...

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