New Puppet Fleetingly Fumbles His Mask

in #agorism3 years ago


Boris Johnson scolded by staff for 'sharing Queen's brutally honest comment from meeting'

In among all the sickening sycophancy of the elaborate system of conventions and ritual designed to hide the true nature of the State it can be interesting to listen to the constitutional experts and the little slips that reveal, if only in tantalizingly small nuggets, how this deception is stage managed.

One thing stands out. The Queen is the Head of State. The politicians are allowed to manage the rabble on her behalf so long as they are deeply contained within the elaborate systems of control that emanate from that same 'Head of State'.


If the politician doesn't 'play ball' they don't make it to first base. Boris Johnson is hardly in a position to say "We don't have any real interest in what happens in the British Parliament". One reason Gerry Adams is in such a position was, unfortunately, his movement's resort to the tactics of the State - physical violence. All Gerry Adams has to show for it now is just another State, albeit he can, at least, refuse to swear allegiance to the Queen's State without consequence. You judge if that distinction has been worth it ...

The Queen, we're told by the mainstream media, clearly understands her role. For once I believe them. It is a mark of how well the system of 'standing above politics' works if you can afford to admit to the poor soul about to attempt to assimilate the thoughts, feelings and aspirations of 56 million people that "I don’t know why anyone would want the job". Ironic really since she has the job! How about: 'I don't know why anyone would want to do all the hard and dirty work for the benefit of someone else who reaps all the benefit'?. Being able to rub this 'popular representative's' face in it and have him bowing at the same time is quite a demonstration of power (which is perhaps the real reason we've been exposed to this little 'slip'). In a few years Boris will be just another burnt out, morally compromised politician


Whereas the 'Royals' continue to go from strength to strength


Which 'job' would you choose?

What to do about all these Statist smoke and mirrors? Simply call it out for what it is. Don't buy into the illusion(s) and appreciate the damage they ultimately reap.


Furthermore, only by recognizing the 'little Statist' within ourselves, can we begin to address the problem of the big Statists like the Queen and her followers. Want to 'do something'? Want to 'shake things up'? Want to be PM like Boris? Be careful what you wish for. Believing you know what's best for other people and their lives is a mug's game. The 'Queen' knows this and she's so powerful she can afford to say it ... can you?

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