Ilhan Omar, Storm In A Teacup

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Ilhan Omar, US congresswoman in eye of political storm

Should you ever be forced to do something to which you do not consent? Applied as a principle. Of course, if you murdered someone you might not 'consent' to be jailed/executed for it afterwards. But this implies that you initiated force against someone else without their consent in the first instance. Why do I mention this in relation to an article about Ilhan Omar?

Ilan Omar.jpeg

It is because she is a politician in the normal sense of that word. This means, by implication, she does not adhere to the principle above. Every politician seeks to be a 'leader' with the 'authority' to force others to do things to which they don't consent (if you don't believe me please name one who doesn't). The concerns regarding whether or not a particular individual reflects your personal outlook on the World are fundamentally predicated on the assumption above. Without the ability to violently coerce why should I have the slightest concern, what Ilhan Omar, Donald Trump, Clintons, Hitler, Mickey Mouse or any of the others think, how they live their lives or what their background is? If I agree to contract with someone for some mutually beneficial arrangement such as a trade I might start to become interested. Otherwise, unless they are organizing a threat against me personally I will not worry. Why am I writing about her then? All these politicians are part of an organized threat against myself and everyone/anyone else whose values don't exactly coincide with their own. They are, therefore, dangerous and it is unfortunately necessary to have some awareness of what they're up to, although the vast majority of the time the best 'solution', as with any potential threat, is simply to walk away and ignore. If they'll leave you alone that is.

I can thank the news article for prompting me to look into the history of Somalia in a little more depth and discover they have their own Ron Paul, General Mohammed Farah Aidid. Someone who's photo is difficult to find on the Internet:


He believed in a free market economy, democracy, a limited central government, and a small army and police force so obviously someone the U.S. would want to arrest and take out of the picture (see 'Blackhawk Down' movie) as a dangerous 'terrorist' leader.

So, is she a 'good' woman? Does this mean I support Trump? Asking such questions implies my message is struggling to get through. I won't say I don't care, I simply wish I didn't have to ... and I wish you didn't have to either ... and we could all focus on more important things - like how to improve our own lives ...

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