Genuflect To The 'Holocaust'

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US high school principal removed after refusing to say Holocaust was 'factual historic event'

holocaust denial.jpeg

I only have to say the Word and I can feel the tension rising in the reader's mind. What if someone happens to peer over your shoulder whilst you're reading this on some obscure 'censorship resistant' website? How long before you've traveled down the slippery slope and we have another Christchurch type situation on our hands? Even if you're not so easily manipulated yourself, just think of the millions who are!

On almost any article you read at this point you will get a series of qualifiers re-assuring the reader of the writer's humanitarian credentials. Why? We already know that psycho/sociopaths make up approximately 1% of the World's population. So you have hundred to one chance that I, or the vast majority of people you talk to, are not one of them. They are often looked upon favorably by the State. However, this blog is explicitly anti-Statist, so such qualifiers and genuflecting should hardly be necessary. I don't believe in burning people alive and in any of the (de-humanizing) world views regarding other people necessary for bringing such a state of affairs into existence. The first part of that sentence is hardly controversial. The second part is where all the disagreement occurs. How does one go about 'de-humanizing' another? That could be a long discussion, but I suggest it would touch, at some point, on our human ability to communicate our thoughts and feelings.

What was the thought expressed by this 'public school official' that led to the destruction of his career? He 'told the parent that he must remain “politically neutral” on the issue'. Obviously a fanatic.

What he probably doesn't realize is that the State is the natural and logical locus for psychopathy and to 'serve' it is simply not good enough to 'remain neutral'. State employees must actively embrace the psychopathy of the State to prepare society for it's next 'Holocaust', whatever form that eventually takes, notwithstanding all the 'good intentions' on the way.

He has sacrificed his career for his intellectual integrity. If nothing is learned from this others will sacrifice far more ...

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