A State Uses Stolen Plunder To Bribe More Enforcers

in #agorism3 years ago


The Army needs thousands more infantrymen by spring, and it's willing to pay up to $72,000 to get them

Such generosity! Well, market forces (distorted by a huge stash of stolen loot). The harder something is to get hold of (demand side), the more you have to pay to get it (supply side). It's encouraging that people are playing hard(er) to get. The State's recruiters complain when an apparently (actually short lived) improving economy makes it harder for them to do their job. This is telling when it comes to understanding why a State has ambiguous approaches to a burgeoning economy (increasing taxes, tariffs, regulation etc.). As with everything it says it wants an improving economy as a PR exercise, but it's not all good from the State's perspective (the only one it really cares about). In other words it relies on a malignant pool of desperation to make becoming one of it's enforcers at all attractive.


Fear and desperation are not good starting points for any decision. I find auditing oneself on that basis useful. i.e. am I doing this because I genuinely believe in it or is it simply a reflection of my own fear and desperation? I suggest that any potential future enforcer make such an assessment. One of the ironies of life is that the harder you run from something like moral ambiguity the harder it chases you. If you are inclined towards enforcement, potentially a useful and important skill set, I suggest you sell your services on a genuinely open market and use your own, honestly held and properly considered values, to select an appropriate employer (or, even better, start your own business that genuinely reflects your values and those of your clients). However, if you end up working for the biggest bandit/brigand of them all, please don't be surprised if you find yourself conflicted ultimately. In the open market you are free to change your mind and sell your services elsewhere according to your own values, not so easy when you 'contract' with the State.

Any State knows that it's existence depends on a violent monopoly of force. It's first priority is to recruit enforcers for the purpose of tax collection to pay for itself. Such 'willingness' should come as no surprise to anyone ...

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