A Nasty Cult

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China’s ‘cyber-dissident’ pioneer Huang Qi jailed for 12 years

Statism is a widespread cult. So widespread that the (billions of) people who subscribe to it, as with any cult, believe they are 'normal' and it is the detractors who are insane. Years ago I attended a lecture given by an ex 'Moonie', who's quality of life had been seriously undermined through his involvement. An obvious question was how did he get out? I was surprised how simple the answer was. He said someone had shown him some magazine/news articles critical of the sect. Of course, these sects are aware of this possibility so removing access to counter narratives is imperative for many of them.


We tend to follow. We all do it, all the time. It's not possible to function in our world if you actually never believed anything you're told. We grow up normalizing this process because as dependent children we have no other choice. To develop, at some point, we have to question our world view. It's painful. Cognitive dissonance etc.

What draws prospective vulnerable cult members in is a sense that in a confusing, harsh, competitive and uncertain world there is great comfort in believing that another entity, 'larger' than oneself, has all the answers, understands all the problems, has all the solutions and stands ready to take care of you no matter what. The cult's ability to, for example, provide financially for itself is obviously linked to it's even greater ability to persuade people to give up their wealth for the 'greater good'. What I find intriguing is that people who worship the greatest cult of all time, the State, are unable to discern the parallels and assume that in their cult it's simply moral and righteous to feed the cult.

Any disagreement you may have with me will be based on the information, understanding, perspectives, narratives, experiences etc. that you have collated over your life to date.You may find it easy to disagree with me. However, it is easy to ignore me and the narrative I am presenting - there is no apparent cost from so doing. Perhaps I can be dismissed as just another disciple of the Internet inspired cult of 'non-violent, individual judge-mentalists'. You may feel that the violent coercion of others to bend to your Will is the way it should be. In which case it may make sense that this 'dissident' is being caged for over a decade. After all what 'good' is he doing?

People disagree. It's normal. It's healthy. In my 'cult' you will never be violently forced to bend to my Will (unless you physically attack me). How about your cult?

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