A new multi-chain mobile wallet, codename "Carbon".

in agorise •  11 months ago

The core code for this new mobile wallet is mostly done. The Yubikey Neo NFC/2FA and animations are being coded now.

The alpha apk should be published in 2nd quarter 2018, available for download on telegram (http://t.me/Agorise) and in the Agorise keybase app store (https://keybase.io/team/agorise).

TONS of features packed into "Carbon" such as full support for:

  • all PalmPay Point Of Sale merchants (PalmPay.io)
  • fully-confirmed transactions in 3 seconds or less
  • 44 (human corrected) languages
  • NFC and v10 QR codes (for eReceipt data, note from your Waitress, etc)
  • near-zero fees
  • Overdraft Protection (example: it can cash out some of another one of your coins to cover your grocery balance)
  • Loyalty Points
  • invoicing/payment request features
  • unlimited accounts
  • built-in Bridge for coin-to-coin shifting
  • built-in LocalBitcoins style Trading engine
  • Atomic-Swap abilities
  • Support for Blinded and Stealth Transactions (v2)
  • search/filter Transaction history
  • Transaction Memos
  • Export Transactions to PDF or CSV for accounting
  • WIF Key support
  • Yubikey Neo "Pocket" support for added 2FA/U2F security
  • FIDO Certified (in progress)
  • dApp performance (uses C-IPFS (https://github.com/Agorise/c-ipfs) for app architecture, and "offline" data usage. also, no more App Store "approval" is needed. v2)
  • customizable Contacts and Contact Groups
  • Bill-Pay tool for scheduling recurring payments to one or more Contacts or Contact Groups
  • automated/encrypted backups to C-IPFS (v2)
  • PIN/Pattern/Pocket Security options (see the video)
  • eReceipts (actual store receipts saved in pdf form, with the store logo, items purchased, tax info, personalized message from PalmPay merchants, etc)
  • 100% Open Source Software (https://github.com/Agorise) for security auditing and forking
  • White-label-able for your own color scheme, logo, background, etc.
  • ...and native support for SIX different blockchains so far (Bitshares, Steem, Dash (including InstantSend), Bitcoin, Dogecoin (we might replace this chain with EOS though), and Litecoin).

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Congratulations. Now I'll put this application myself. Great work!

This is amazing. I'm so excited about all the work you all have been doing. Carbon, Palm Pay, and Stealth are the greatest things to happen to bitshares, well, ever. Thank you, Agorise, for kicking so much ass. Godspeed.

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So does this have a full user-friendly integration of STEALTH transactions? If so that would be a huge step. It's lookin good Ken

Love it. Great features