Absence of a mother.

in #agony3 years ago

'Today, this very moment, in what I am writing this, a rather peculiar breeze, a wind that quickly ties me up and envelops me with that sensation, that one I remember; Immediately I grasp that it is you, hugging me with your soul, making me breathe your presence, catching me in your sweet caress that slides through each part of my being, a breeze strong enough to inhale your air of love and exhale the deluge that there is for your absence. Mother of me; Thank you for this breeze, for transforming this blizzard of fear, uncertainty, restlessness and anxiety into a whirlwind of peace, love, joy and delight. Immediate —I hear through this breeze— I love you, I feel you; good wishes and hopes, through the melody that you formed with your whirlwind. I wasn't sure you could hear me, but thank you for this joyous wind to show me yes, and thank you for making me feel privileged to obtain your presence for these seconds, which, immediately, were transformed into hours of placidity 'I love you very much mom. We miss you your children.


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