Zealous control and passing!

in agfacademy •  2 months ago

Happy new year!

Wow! I'm so happy, it seems we all made it in! This is the first day, and I have not nor heard of any bad news. God is great!

Here is another wonderful video I made on control and passing with my zealous neighbors. In this very video, I tried as much to keep the guys on a steady pace, most of the time, they tend to always outrun the usual and what to be the normal pace but on this, I was able to bring the speed down to a reasonable pace. They're really impressing me, they're really improving. It's not that easy to secure kits here but I hope I get some soon.... It's new year! It's bull year! Lol!

Thanks Oracle-D.

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Happy New Year, i hope this year brings your many success.
Always make sure you receive the ball with one foot and pass with the other. This will enable you to move the ball quicker in a game situation.
I look forward to seeing more of your drills soon.


I actually made the my guys to keep the control to the same foot but I'm gonna change that just like you said. Thanks for the corrections and the great opportunity to be among your football Academy. God bless you and your household.

Happy new year to you. ☺