My Weekly Kicks. (My Heading drill).

in agfacademy •  17 days ago

Happy Sunday guys,

I'm glad it's a new week again. Starting a new week with the heading drill makes it so cool. Firstly, I would love to make it known to my viewers that I will be posting only my heading drill on Sundays and I hope to always hear from you guys. This video was actually a fun one and funny enough at the end of the video, it seems we almost lost the ball....

Great thanks to @andregray for the Golden opportunity he has given people like me. I'm so grateful.

Kindly vote @Oracle-D. The community has been doing great in adding value to steem and it users.

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Good stuff, you are generating a lot of power with your headers which are good for this part of the drill try to focus on getting the ball directly back in to the throwers hands. You can do this by cushioning the ball back rather than heading straight through it


By cushioning, you mean a soft head touch?