Steady instep with three talents!

in agfacademy •  3 months ago


I'm so happy, it's new year, it's 2019, and my family, my friends, well wishers, and enemies, we're all fine and healthy. I'm so grateful. In the fullness of joy, I post this new video, it's a little bit long this time, I guess it's what the Oracle-D team require for. I can't really say much, it obvious, and I can boldly say it that my guys are really improving, they now understand the instep passing to an extent now, and their foots are growing stronger day by day!

Season Greetings!

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Hey guys, good work great length in video.
All 3 of you have done this drill very well. To make it a bit more difficult you can start to work your way out so you are doing the passing drill at distance.
Good work