Our first heading attempt.

in agfacademy •  last month

Hello guys,

It's been a while, the agfacademy portal was not working for some hours but thank God it's up and cool now. We're here with a new one today! This is our first attempt on the heading drill and I must be sincere, this seems to be one of the toughest out of the drills I've been trying. I mean to myself alone, it's been just a little bit harder than I had imagined. I need to practice this more often personally. It you watch the video below, you would notice that it was the kids that sustained the video, I just hope @andregray could help me out with some hints on how to go about this. It's not really easy for me, and I want to learn it!

Thank you Andre Gray. Thank you @Oracle-D. Thanks to everyone.

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Hi Tezzmax some good examples of heading here, what I say to everyone is always remain on your toes to be ready, get your foot position ready also (weather that would be side on or feet parallel), arms out for balance and protection. The aim is to head through the ball with direction. When doing a heading drill it isn’t always about the amount of power you put behind the ball.