The trump-Kim meeting is the reason for the disaster!

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The most discussed top meeting ended without any compromise. Good to say, got bored. Before the main meeting of US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the meeting was held in a meeting with officials, preparations-and yet the consequences was such that no party has opened its mouth. It was only said in the total, that Hanoi meeting ended without a compromise because of the dispute over the ban. According to North Korea's claim, the United States has not agreed to lift its ban on the country.
But a month after the meeting, the special Reuters news agency said on Sunday that North Korea was angry over the issue of a document handed down by United States by adding various demands.

Reuters reported that Trump North Korean leader gave a simple document on 28th of February when the Hanye Trump-Kim meeting in Vietnam was shattered. It was written in the document that the United States will have to hand over Pyongyang's nuclear weapons and bomb-fuel. Reuters saw that document.
In a meeting held at the Metropol Hotel in Hanoi, Trump gave Kim an English version of the US version of US position. A person present at the meeting on condition of anonymity told Reuters According to the source, for the first time on that day, Trumped nuclear disarmament explained what he wanted to explain in detail to Kim.
The Hanoi meeting was expected to see progress on nuclear disarmament. On that day, the list of the White House's program was a joint negotiation program and two leaders lunch. But after the meeting ended without any compromise, both of them were canceled. On this, Trump said that instead of closing the North Korean Yangbiyan nuclear power station, Kim Jong-un has demanded withdrawal of all US sanctions on the country. The United States is not ready for this.But why did the conference end this way, no one has made any difference between the two parties?


According to Reuters, this document is believed to help explain the matter.After the two-day meeting of Trump-Kim, the existence of this document was first made in the interview by White House National Security Adviser John Boulton, on television. However, he did not disclose what the US had expected to centralize in relation to the transfer of North Korean nuclear weapons and fissile (which can be disintegrated in the nuclear reactor) to the United States in the document.According to analysts, Boltan's long-standing position in North Korea has been revealed in that document. Nuclear discourse has been mentioned in the document of 'Libya Model', which repeatedly rejects North Korea. It may be thought that Kim was humiliated and excited.
Earlier, Trump has prevented himself from making public comments about Bolton's offer. He said, 'Libya model' may apply only if no compromise is reached.

Seven years ago, the agreement between the United States and Libyan leader Muhammad Gadhafi was signed for nuclear disarmament. At that time, the United States participated in NATO-led military campaign against the Gaddafi regime. Later, Gaddafi removed the rebel groups from power and killed them.

Prior to Singapore's trump-Kim meeting in June last year, the North Korean leaders commented on the bolton's plan 'irrational' and highlighted Gaddafi's fate. Trump said in May, after North Korea threatened to cancel the Singapore meeting, he is not insisting on the "Libya model" and he is thinking of making a contract that will keep Kim safe.The idea of ​​handing over North Korean arms to Bolton first proposed in 2004. Last year Trump gave him the national security adviser after the proposal again.

According to the source, in this document, North Korea is given a clear idea that what the United States wants to say about 'final, complete verification, nuclear disarmament'.

When contacted, the White House did not respond immediately to this document. And the US State Department refused to comment.


After the Hanoi meeting, a North Korean official, John Bolton and US Secretary of State Mike Pompey commented on 'like gangster'. He said that Pyongyang is thinking of canceling the talks with the US and will keep the issue of sanctions imposed on the missile and nuclear tests, thinking that it will not be lifted.

"The North Korean nuclear infrastructure, the chemical and biological warfare program, the related dual capabilities and ballistic missiles, launchers and collaboration facilities have to be completely destroyed," said the document's English version.

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