AGFacademy | Drill #1 - In-step pass

in agfacademy •  25 days ago

Hello guys I'm @renald I've been on steemit for close to 7 months and I'm so glad for having the opportunity to practice football and show case my little skill I learn from the agf academy on steemit. I'm not a full time football player but I seize every opportunity I get to play football and I'm always happy to learn new skills and Andre Gray have given me that opportunity and I'm very grateful for that. The video I uploaded shows my own very first drill for the in-step pass. My friend @bait002 assisted me in the practice and he happens to be the steemian that introduced me to Andre Gray foundation coaching academy.

I want to use this medium to give thanks to Andre Gray for this special opportunity he has given young ones like us to practice and learn new skills about what we love. We hope for more drills so we can keep learning.

Meanwhile This in-step pass drill is really not as easy as it look but with time you will get used to it. Enjoy the video God bless.

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