The impact of instep passing on the field of football, courtesy Andre Gray's football acedemy (Agfacedemy)

in agfacademy •  last month  (edited)

Today is another episode of my report, today drill is all about instep passing drill, in every activities consistent is very important because it let to you perform perfectly well on the field of football, am really getting use to it in performing instep pass with my little brother very well.

It is really amazing when performing the drill. With the continuous training alongside with my brother, Am now love the way I get myself in good position to control the ball and pass it to the nearest player immediately.

I promise to keep up the good work.

I just want to use medium to say thank you to Andre Gray, the man behind this great project for giving us support towards agfacedemy. I am also saying a big thank you to Oracle-d for the support they are rendering to the steem blockchain.

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Have done that @oracle-d thanks you so much for your time

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