The impact of heading drill on the field of football courtesy Andre Gray's football acedemy (Agfacedemy)

in agfacademy •  last month

It's a wonderful today performing another heading drill, this drill helps me to know how to head the ball from the long distance into the goal line and if the opponent is coming for the ball you can use head to give pass to your players and make a good impression towards the ball. Heading drill helps us to stay focus with the ball that is coming and decide at once before your opponent arrived.

It's fun and awasome when you are doing it during training with your team players.

I vow to improve more as the time goes on.

I just want to use this medium to say thank you to Andre Gray, the man behind this great project for giving us support towards agfacedemy. I am also saying a big thank you to Oracle-d for the support they are rendering to the steem blockchain.

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