New Gear - Training updates from DFA [Decentralized Football Academy]

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New Footballs and Air Pump


New Gear/Training Beeps


Greetings Everyone,
Currently, we've been exploring ways to increase motivation and learning for the players of DFA. We find this to be a critical component, as we feel it's important to to ensure this is exciting for everyone, especially the core foundation, which are the players of course!

Our plans to introduce a new coach, and supply some new gear, (Beeps, which can be viewed in this video below) have ultimately created more unity amongst the team players, and a feeling of achievement. This is important to us, so here we've composed some videos of the team players trying out the new gear!

New Training Beeps

Cardio Training with Coach!

New Beeps and Footballs!


DFA Players & Coach!



Check out DFA preparing for drill with their new beeps

Check out DFA drilling!

Team Photograph


Preparing for Drill!



Drilling - Ball control/Maneuvering

Team Photo in Drill


In action team Photography



Thank you to Andre Gray for inspiring and supporting us through AGFA, as well as your motivational words of encouragement! Thank you to Oracle-D for the amazing support, and thank you to all of our viewers and supporters (@elgeko, @khanza.aulia, @esteemapp, @surpassinggoogle, @joythewanderer, @dunsky, roundbeargames,
…), we're very grateful and honored to have this opportunity!

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Full upvote as support. Motivation for kids? They'll need to love it in order to enjoy the game. I'd say, motivate the coach is more important yo.😂

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We're all motivated! 😄

Thank you so much for the support @davidke20!!!

The love of football may reach us in some times to spend time and effort from the most beautiful collection of the best memories and the history in which we encourage and adore the limit of madness or even the most joyful moments in football.

Great work @dfacademy 👏

Thank you so much for the kind words of wisdom and support @steeimran !!! 😃

Wow, things keeps getting more interesting by the day. I remembered when some the kids had no soccer boot. Now, they are all on boot, new coach, more soccer balls, training beeps and gears. This is what I call progress and I am very excited seeing wonderful progress at @dfacademy. My shout out goes to all the kids, coach and organizers of @dfacademy, nice job you guys are doing, I love you all.

Thank you so much for watching our progress and expressing these kind words. It means the world to us! We appreciate your support @donefezy!!! 😃

This football team has complete supporters. I appreciate all these developments, extraordinary progress.
If you remember some time ago maybe this team has nothing, but now it's different when you get support from friends on the blockchain.
I hope they continue to grow, and I also apologize if I have not been able to help as much as others.

always succeses for @dfacademy

Thank you so much for watching us and complimenting on our progress. It means the world to us! Thank you so much for the support @khanza.aulia !!! 😃

Awesome work @dfacademy. The team looks great.

Thank you so much! 😃

preparation is important in the football team, this is certainly a driving force for the player himself

Thank you so much! We appreciate your kind words!

Wow! This is amazing; to say the least. More advances and updates in the DFAcademy. Thumbs up guys

Thank you so much for the kind words and support @samminator!!! 😃


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!

Thank you @helpiecake!!! 😃

This is so amazing @dfacademy. You guys are doing a great job in spreading the word out. :)) Congratulations on attaining the new gear. Cheers!

Hello ,
@themarkymark and @horpey.
They proposed your publication as the best of the week.
I came to read it.
Congratulations for such a beautiful work.
Greetings from Venezuela.
Where a small colony of nigeria coexists.