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Attention all steemians! This is @empato365 The founder and team captain of @cryptostarsclub (The CSC) speaking!

CSC players
CSC official logo

Today I officially introduce @cryptostarsclub to the steem blockchain.

@cryptostarsclub is not just a decentralized football academy on the steem blockchain inspired by @agfacademy but it is the first decentralized football club on the blockchain rewarding it's players through the steem blockchain and this football club is inspired by Andre Gray.


The @cryptostarsclub account creation has the following details:

Created by @anonsteem and paid for ($4~ 17.140 steem) by @empato365 using The @anonsteem website

If you read our first introduction post
You will understand that our goal is not about backing out but it focuses on onboarding the masses into sustaining the utility of the steem blockchain through football (soccer)

The founding members of the team are up to 10 youngsters whom are majorly in their early 20s and a teenager
They include:

1 - @empato365 - CSC Captain

2 - @sancti - Asst. Captain

3 - @mrdonald

4 - @chrisfrancis

5 - @savageart

6 - @usorong

7 - @mrjoe-etim

8 - @mrrpiusz

9 - @davidpatrick

10 - @faith49

And many more to join us as we grow!

Please watch our introductory video here

Our players have agreed to be consistent in practicing the drills for the agfacademy every week and we have agreed to be using the picture below on all our drill posts in order to help promote our club.


Were are 100% ready for this and this team will be a success as far as @empato365 remains the captain.


To onboard Thousands of people into the steem blockchain by promoting steem through football in order to help sustain the utility of the steem blockchain


To build a first decentralized blockchain football club where players get their rewards for training and playing matches through the steem blockchain


The Blockchain has evolved football

Much thanks to Andre Gray for the charity
To @agfacademy and to @oracle-d for the great rewards we do receive from time to time.

You can donate to sponsor the team build up and grow.
Please always upvote our posts.
Steem power delegations could also help the club grow bigger.
Thank you and God bless you all


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@cryptostarsclub welcome to @agfacademy. We hope your team enjoys its time taking part in the drills.

Thank you very much @oracle-d and @agfacademy

God bless you all!