Andre's Coaching Academy Wants To Help Children From Developing Countries!

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Andre's Coaching Academy Wants To Help Children From Developing Countries!


Andre Gray is an expert at soccer who plays for Watford FC in the English Premiership League, and is the founder of the first soccer coaching academy utilizing the Steem blockchain to remunerate youthful players for enhancing their soccer abilities.

Andre has an outstanding interested in supporting children from developing nations to play soccer and wants to reward them with cryptocurrency so that they could use it to purchase more soccer balls for their neighborhoods or for help with the equipment expenses of their teams such as t-shirts, tennis shoes, socks etc.


First you need to have a Steem account and must be over 13 years of age.
If you do not have a Steem account then you can apply for a free account through their website.

Here are the steps:
1. Watch the first drill video.
2. Then upload your own video of you performing the same task shown in the first drill video to YouTube.
3. Go onto the signup form. Enter your details, include the link to your YouTube video, and choose a username.
4. Submit your application and once is approved, then they will send you your login details to their portal.

*In order to get an upvote from Andre, the applicant MUST use the Andre Gray Football Academy Portal to post.

(If you know how to reach potential players from developing countries, this is the opportunity to shape aspirations and outcomes of young lives.)

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