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Here’s a quick one to talk about the fantastic @agfacademy Andre Gray Football Academy project on the STEEM blockchain and it’s even newer promo video, seen HERE on @threespeak.

Some might be aware (probably not) that I was involved in shooting and editing of the first Andre Gray Football Academy videos; these being the introduction video and first six drill videos.

#AGFA was setup by @starkerz and @anarcotech of @oracle-d back in Summer 2018.
We had an excellent afternoon of filming and it’s been thrilling to see the project has grown from strength to strength, successfully supporting footballers and underprivileged people across the globe.

Proving the efficiency and potential of the STEEM blockchain to support humanitarian and charitable causes.

For this particular video edit I volunteered to spent my time with the edit using the original Andre clips, using some real videos submitted to the initiative, making some nifty new explainer titles and adding captivating new music.

Based on @starkerz feedback I’ve managed to tell a slightly clearer story about what #AGFA is, what the benefits are, why it’s revolutionary and how people (even outside of crypto) can get involved.

I think this particular video edit cuts right through and can be used as a tool to tell its story to all kinds new audiences - hopefully leaving them positively understanding what #AGFA is all about.

If you want to show someone a video about the power and practical applications of STEEM, then feel free to share on this YouTube link :)

Cheers for reading, follow me over at :)

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wait, wait, wait. we have a premier league player on steem for almost a year now and almost no one knows about this?


Seems so...
But equally, the word within people being engaged and doing the drills grew pretty quick.

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Great video, clearly and simple ways to explain for dummies. Kudos bro

Great idea. Great video. And it's nice to see steem being used out in the real world in this way. Nice one

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They’ve achieved so much it’s quite inspiring to see! Cheers for the comment @stevelivingston :)

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heard about it when it started but never really followed it through. And for some reason i did not connected it with Andre Gray the football player (even premier league is only one i follow a lot). great idea and it looks like it is working really well.


I hope the video did a good job of explaining, then!
Yeah it seems to be growing.

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