Andre Gray Football Academy Launch

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Andre Gray's Football Academy - Introduction

Earn Steem for improving your soccer skills


The AGFacademy (Andre Gray Football Academy) is a new project on the STEEM Blockchain that is pioneered by professional English footballer Andre Gray, who plays as a striker for Watford Football club in the Premier League.

Watch the introductory video

About Andre Gray

Born in Wolverhampton, England, He started as a product of the famous Shrewsbury Academy and came to prominence with two seasons playing for English League One outfits, Luton Town, where the lad bagged 57 goals in 111 appearances. He then moved to Burnley FC, and then onto his current team, Watford.

About AGFacademy

The AGFacademy is aiming to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to earn rewards for practising the drills, and improving your game.

You don't even need to perform and film your drill on a great pitch. It can also be done on the street or indeed anywhere a decent video can be shot.

The drills on the video entails basic passing, different variation of passing, how to control the ball and different shooting practices. The aim of this project is not solely to make people have an income after doing their drills, but also to promote football here on the blockchain and beyond.


  1. Visit AGFacademy and watch the first drills & skills video
  2. Practise the drill, then record your own video, clearly showing yourself performing the skill.
  3. Upload the video to either YouTube or DTube.
  4. Visit the AGFacademy website, log into the portal, and paste your video link. You can also use the portal to add text and other images to your post.

Remember to share the post to your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others too!

Your video should contain the following:

  1. Introduce yourself, and state that you are doing this for AGFacademy
  2. Footage of yourself doing the drills in the instruction video
  3. Add the AGFacademy logo to your blog.

Premiership Upvotes

If the video is interesting and high quality, it will receive an upvote from Andre Gray. The very best videos might even receive a much larger Premiership Upvote from Andre.... and could even be re-shared on his own social media!

This project is also supported by

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For more information, visit any of the links below


This is SUCH an awesome initiative and encourages more involvement in football/soccer! I was so excited when I heard about this idea and I’m even more excited to now see it in print! Already resteemed and will be following for more updates :)

This is so cool! Definitely going to follow this because this is such a great program. It’s really awesome that a celebrity is willing to be so helpful. I can’t wait to show my nephew because I know he’ll just love it! Thanks so much for putting this together!

Good to see you here Jeff! Looking forward to seeing the progress of ur nephew!!

I haven't read this but since @oracle-d mentioned this. I would like you to know that I resteemed it immediately. I am reading the whole article now.

Great to hear @jassennessaj, Salamat! We are honored to have steemians like you paying attention to this!

Wow! You knew that I am a Filipino. I love football (from a country that loves Basketball so much) and Premier League has been my top choice ahead of La Liga.

Great to see this launch!! @oracle-d getting the pro's!

Your contribution on the video here is outstanding @ashtv!! second to none!

Thank you mate. It feels so long ago since we did it! Looking forward to posting about it and getting the word out.

This is making a whole lot of sense. This would finally drive my friend to the blockchain. Sooner or later, we gonna host an Olympics on the blockchain. Haha.. Great job Andre Gray Football Academy.

Wow! Football lovers' delight. Get paid to play their favorite game. :)) What else do we need. Another use-case of STEEM Blockchain. Andre Gray is a professional footballer (striker) belongs to Premier League club Watford. This is crazy! Great job team @oracle-d.

it is great to has person that not only teach football but also rewarding the kids to have a kits for them to play. especially the kids in the third world country. Hope other people will follow his move.

Imagine how easy it is for celebrities to give transparently straight to people doing valuable activities on the steem blockchain! The potential is truly massive!

we, the commoner just can imagine it but will they do it? I think is just like giving they own power or fortune to the bottom. just a waste maybe they think but yes I agree with you it will be massive to the comunity.

Good initiative. Need more of these on steem

Brilliant project Andre. Great to see you wearing that Steemit T-Shirt and seeing this post on the #promo-steem tag. It's fantastic that at the same time as scoring goals at the weekend, like at the Rookery End against #ManchesterUnited a few weeks back, you can have a project like this which is getting kids active outdoors and upskilling, and then at the same time, you are provoking their interest in the latest of technological developments - like this blockchain!

Watford boy here. It's great to see a working class guy who made it in professional football give back to the community. Keep it up!

Great to c ur team player giving back

I don't much about him to be fair, but I know that he's not from a privileged family and had to work hard to get to where he is.

I'm always supportive of that kind of story and it's even better to hear he came from the lower leagues and is giving back. I hope he continues to be a success at Watford.

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