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in ageing •  2 years ago

Hello Everyone,

A good friend told me about this community and am so glad.  At the moment I am a totally confused newbie!! but am hoping at some point it will all make sense!!

Initially I was looking for further platforms on which to share the content I produce on my new Blog '' and I still hope to do this.  However reading suggests it is best if the content is entirely original and I hope in time to add this.

You can find my Blog here:

And just to prove I am a real person here is my starter page for MySixtyPlusLife 

I write about the future of Ageing. 

The world faces for the first time the largest ageing demographic and its' population 'The Baby Boomers".  

This dynamic slice of our species are for ever changing the rules and the face of ageing as we know it is about to morph into something not seen before.  

It's exciting, interesting and I hope ultimately the quality and perception of the elderly and life going forward is seen as something to aspire to not dread.

The future of our future is in our hands, we can make it great.

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welcome aboard .. nice to meet you .. :)


Thank you so much, I am just starting out but it's so good to be welcomed, thank you


Thank you so much for stopping by and welcoming me.

Hello and welcome to steemit! I hope you like it here. You've just gained a new follower and I'd love for us to be friends. Kindly follow back @kachful thanks


Hello, Oh how wonderful of you to welcome me and I will certainly follow back, have a wonderful evening


Thank you for the welcome and I have followed you have a great day

Welcome to steemit and thanks for following! :) It's really nice to find a place to share our thoughts about anything, right? :) Take care and see you around! (^_^)/