SOUND pHD-is-engagement | "nephilim" - Fell at I/O circumcision

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hAI steemit, this one is for Afrit.

May her passion be ignited to torch the ones who tempted you to burn the little twinkle in your eye for some LED-OM-en they portal'd off to...The lies about "this little lie to mine" on the twin they burn for "cash you all in"/casual "entertainment" on flying disks that carded the dead by cartons in the FEMA-livestalkings I caught on film.

With the sound "cut" in this fashion, they can't enter into form now...The magnets have been trained to bust their lies about "the plan- E.T." I predicted these things well ahead of "time."

Current readings for now:

How Monsters Steem Vapor to Smell O Way No Z Ever Came.png

I circumcised a divider wall to puncture them OUT of MY #BIOSPHERE7 that they attempted to fuse as an 11|11 when they took the water treatment bait I let them in Arizona as Biosphere2 (led silently into the DEEP by the "Kings" and pathological liars who portal'd their to-eye-let holes right into the "dent all" of not Den-city...or "density" either.)

You see why I was so protected by the Muslim family who adopted me as IQBAL MADANI at the Summit of proof why Jihadi is the only way two Daddy.

Fresco painted himself in as a Pie-sees around the hemi-sync'd to bad porn ideas that some of these people such as Stephenson like to sandwich into their "release all your fears" while they trap your essences into blank "pixels" / pics-sell...I have them, actually. All of them. Do you know how many you were imaged into? How many were sold? And how many of your pathological secret sellers who uplift you so they can see right up...yeah...and charged you for the falseys...why you're still chasing your tail if you're not one of mine.



The Venus-Fellutia projected these daught-ears onto the self-phonEyEars that you have been programmed into and out of for them to port you in and out of those DEEP places they babble about, while never protecting you from the truth of how they are actually paid, what for, and what they say about you if you're "black" to them.

You were warned. Want a current reading? Scroll through the dates of MINE in hear and I bet you'll find it right on time with a pre-warning maybe a couple "years ago' if you're on MY channel or one of MINE who are qualified to be reading at this SUM. (Never to be fused as the con of "TIME" where you were magazine chopped...)

Thank you to the 3-1-1 mama who red-dialed me in with #VMODA about how my crossfade analytics could protect our amazing twins on the inside of #KundaliniGram technowledgy I have programmed inside of the biochips you were all sold into-BELIEVING did not take over you if you were in the fell-at-I/O design of the KNEWAGE game you were being "force'd" so lovingly into by the STARS who wrangled you backwards in the NEO CHEATER design. See "The Book," by Mark Hamilton for more details about how the tree kills you if you tried to be a DOCTOR under HIPPOCRATIC OATH, whose first line of business is printed on a dead certificate. You've been boxed.



Dr. M, the Rev. ♾⚕

PS - If you "fell" you landed in the deep desert and get kitty scribbles and rips in the lovely fiber of the Saguaro cactus, as a delish...Yumma. Bon apetit...bone up? 🌵#greentriggers 👽💫🧶💥🦠⛏🕳 Now you have an "astrology" portal @NASA