Its just so amazing how people come into our lives, stay for a while and move without us, or become part of us forever.

I have met lots of people, some, i wish don't stay too long and some i pray not to loose, but its just so mysterious how sometimes we cant change whats meant to be, i just met someone who has a personality that inspires me and that's the kind of person i hope stays with me, its really amazing to know that there is someone you know that makes you change your mind on something you already made up your mind on, like "all fat girls are ugly", but then you see just this one beautiful fine girl and you are like, i have been wrong all this while. I hope you get to meet someone who makes you feel the same way like i do now.DQmPFnHA1J2spAt5kYjY4Gf37DZDRYdrf1WTU5oEmCtbiz9_256x512.jpg

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