African Curse

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We pity too much, we hold a lot of tears at meaningless thoughts of the past. Carrying the cross is never something for an African child because you are born carrying more than just a cross.
We have become so found of misery and pain

Life to me as an African child is living living and living alone.
It never goes beyond the thought of ambition. Ambition is a luxury an African child can never strain to afford, we are grown to hate the thought of wanting more than we see.
An African curse is not something sent by a supernatural being but an inborn need to be a lesser creature s thought of belief in a reality to accept little.

Settling for less is not just an option but the only thought we posses.
Life for an African child is not more than just being alive, being alive is a smile that an African child hopes. At some point food is a luxury that attracts a lot of peace and hate from different society authority.

Envy is inbuilt, we grow to love poverty for, when one makes it beyond our expectations we tend to divide.
The African curse is not just political but an inherent attachment.
AFRICAN CHILD life is beyond pity PLEASE, we feed on pity alot we find satisfaction in nothingness

African curse

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