African Storylines & Heritage...Why The Nubian Woman Was Also Considered A Nubian Goddess. part 1

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In the history of Nubia just like many other African cultures, Women were of great importance ,especially the Nubian royal women who were extremely powerful. Queens sometimes ruled Nubia on their own. Also, a King was chosen not for being sons to previous Kings but for being sons to the King’s mother or sister. Showing love to all the beautiful Nubian dark skin women of the world…Kingship was divine in ancient Nubia. The Kings acted as mediators between the gods and the people due to the divinity of the office. Therefore, women closely associated with a King, like the King’s mother and wife also assumed important roles.
Ancient Nubian women fought to defend the interests of their empire. These were warrior Queens. Worship of the Queen of all Goddesses called Auset, was mandatory. The spirituality associated with Auset was the most recognized religion in Nubia in as much as there existed. Ra was the god of the sun. Many rulers paid homage to Auset as she was considered the “Queen of All Gods, Goddesses and women..nubian-queen-kissing-embracing-nubian-queen-african-cultural-attire.jpg.”

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