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One challenge faced by the democratic rule is an unsuccessful exchange of power and inability to implement manifesto promises made during campaign strategies. Most times this is due to the insufficiency of information on what the pressing needs of the masses are. Due to this a survey was carried out in Nigeria to discover pressing needs and focus areas the new administration has to pay close attention to and proffer solution in such aspect of the country.
Hierarchical grouping of each sector to determine which amongst is most vital to fulfil the needs of the masses and cause maximum development is important for growth and development of the state. For this cause, research has been made and demography created, stating which matters should be prioritized during the term of the incoming government.

The survey carried out revealed that out of ten citizens, at least 8, requested for focus to be on job creation. The number of graduates in the country from various departments in higher institutions increases session by session, without increase in retirees in the governmental offices and even in the private sector. Job creation would enable revenue flowing in for individuals and also the country. Creation of jobs will keep a greater percentage of the youth off the streets reducing the rate of crime, especially cyber crime and fraud.
On the hierarchical grouping, below job creation, educational sector is required to be a main focus point. The number of children enrolled in schools might seem to be on the large side, however the standard of education in the state in very low. Investment into the educational sector is important to build up a country whereby students will be exposed to high grade teaching and teaching aids for better understanding will also be provided. Employment of new and qualified teaching staffs which are able to impact standard and well polished knowledge to build up the brains of future leaders also should be a priority for the incoming government. Improvements should be made in facilities of the higher institutions as current materials are quite old and are inadequate for learning and practice.
Following education is agriculture. The agricultural sector needs appropriate and adequate revenue to be allocated in order to improve farm produce circulated to the masses. Investments should be made by the government in terms of purchase of equipments and developments of new technology to enable maximum yield during harvest and decrease labour. New schemes could be introduced to aid farmers, and also attract agile young people to take an interest in the agricultural industry.
Subsequently, beneath agriculture is the economy, security, healthcare, power, roads and lastly housing. These are arranged in their order of importance according to the study carried out. The continual inconsistency in the stability of the economy is a major issue which Nigeria suffers from greatly. Revenue is not adequately generated by the country hence the flux in stability. An increase in exports and campaign by the government to encourage patronizing locally produced products and goods will boost in-house revenue generation which will cause a balance in circulation of currency. Security for the people is also quite vital as the rate of crime although in check is still a cause of concern. Healthcare which generally in the country is a problem as the life span expectancy is at the range of early fifties received a lower percentage for focus which was equivalent to the Power issues faced by the citizens. Road construction and Housing were found to be the least sectors sort after for immediate focus.
In conclusion, the hierarchical grouping were as thus according to the intuitions and needs of the citizens and aborigines of Nigeria; Job creation, Education, Agriculture, Economy, Security, Healthcare, Power, Roads and Housing. It is important for the government to understand the needs of the masses in order to adequately and appropriately allocate budget for each sector and industry .

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