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Honestly must say have missed a lot here. To most of the people I know from Africa, it seems I just abandoned my steemit account. But unfortunately, I lost all my vital information to theft. I recall how we worked hard @wafrica with @surfyogi to keep steemit @africa working with good friends like @mcsamm and others. That's life for you. I am constantly reminded by my old pal and best friend @ackza the need to come back but unfortunately, I wasn't ready to create a new account as I did earlier when @steem4depoor was hacked. I still believe in this project even though been watching from afar. I believe in teamwork and been working with a lot of them on different projects. Hopefully, I work hard to earn the trust I once had here. I am so grateful to all my good friends, who encouraged me not to give up on recovering my account.



My pleasure 😃. We must be careful and get rid of clicking on links since hackers are around.

Welcome, do well to join us in steem-ghana community let's blog together

Thanks boss. Will be great to link up

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