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I attended a show yesternight and I had some kind of observation; the artist around were just more than the show and the few popular ones exhaust most of the time, it got me baffled and I ask myself how people find themselves in harsh life situations. Africa a raw continent with little or no regards for human welfare,talent and ideas waste and die every day, I will highlight some of these in the following paragraph;


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The African society is a place known for high spiritualism. We believe everything is controlled by some forces even before the coming of the Christian and Islamic religion. Another factor is this; the mentality is the at the raw stage, there are some families that are known for some occupation and status in life. The parent pass over the baton of their life and any child that want to live outside that scope is been seen as a rebel. The real talent and purpose of people on the African soil die with them in most instances. A person who is from a poor background but living an extraordinary life must have pay an heavy dues.

Wealth distribution is not balance in any sense, the few privileged never find anything good in helping the less privileged instead they keep thier abundant wealth for their unborn generation. I call Africa soil a jungle because we don't care to help ourselves but oppress ourselves with the little opportunity in our domain.


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I don't play the blame game, it just a pity I am a realist who say things the way they are; it good to be optimistic but I don't believe ice block can be gotten out of fire. The government of all African nation picked after their imperial masters, the leaders want the best things in life for themselves at the detriment of their subjects and followers.

The leverage they enjoy over their followers is education and poverty. Most African state made education unattractive and poverty an emblem for the masses, I do tell those who care to listen that I don't see any thing productive coming from an impoverished person. Now, for a person to be mentally and physically poor is what I call the biggest disease in the world.

The leaders pass the mantle of power to their offspring and close ally, they see it as a right bestowed on them by what I can't really fathom, they spare nothing to protect their interest and live as if death itself is their servant.


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I have seen trolls of Africans doing amazing things outside the African soil and I believe if they had remain on the African soil their life and existence would have amount to nothing. I just want us to sit back and ask ourselves how we get to this messy situation, let retrace our steps and see ourselves as a new being.

Break that barrier, no person is better then you but not ego but the first foundation of building your self esteem, if you don't appreciate yourself nobody will do it for you. Let us start to see ourselves as persons of valour and pride, humility is good but too much of it is nonsense.

Let break away from mental and physical poverty, let strive to enjoy the good things of life. Don't allow some sick persons to tell you some are destined to be poor. Religion is good but I don't support all part of it, nature has it law, even in the holy scriptures there is a reward for labour, if you sow you shall reap. Don't let your station in life station you for nonsense, the sky is wide enough for all to fly.

We can all be great men and women, it an inalienable right for those who wants it.

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