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  • The plants second largest contents includes 54 individual countries .
  • Latitude : 35° S and 37° N
  • Longitude: 50° E and 17° W
  • Area : 30065000 sq km (2.4% of the world )
  • Oceans and Seas : Indian ocean , Red sea , Atlantic ocean , Gulf of Guinea , Mediterranean sea .
  • Straits : Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb , Straits of Gibraltar
  • Islands : Madagascar , Cape Verde island , the Connors , Mauritius , Seychelles
  • Plateaus : The entire content is a plateau . There types of palm tree are found in Africa viz Coconut plam , oil plam and date plam .
  • Mountains : Atlas , Ethiopian highland , Mt Kenya, MtElgon , Mt Kilimanjaro , Drakenberg , Mt Cameroon, Mt Rouwenzori Katanga plateau , Jos plateau
  • Lakes : , Nayasa , Mweru , Tanganyika , Edward , Tana , Nasser , Chad , Volta , Assal , Victoria
  • Rivers : Nile , Zaire or Congo , Niger , Orange , Limpopo , Zambezi
  • Deserts : Share , Sahel, Libyan , Arabian , Nubian , Namib , Kalahari
    {........Finer Points..........}
  • Lake Vitoria is the largest lake of Africa , which I allocated between Uganda , Kenya and Tanzania . It is
    Source to white Nile river .The equator pass through it
  • Nasser lake is a ma-made lake , which lies on Nile river and located between Egypt and Sudan
  • Nile river is the longest river of the world and life line of Egypt
  • The white Nile and the blue Nile meet at Khartoum (Sudan ) to from Nile
  • South Sudan is 54 th an knew born country of Africa and it's capital is Zuba
  • Congo river cuts equator twice
  • The Zambezi river includes the Victoria fall , one the largest falls in the world .It makes the natural political boundary between Zambia and Zimbabwe
  • The orange river forms the naturl boundary between south Africa and Namibia
  • The Limpopo river cuts the Tropic of Capricorn and it separates south Africa from Botswana and Zimbabwe .
  • The highest peak of Africa is Mt Kilimanjaro and is located in Tanzania .
  • The three points where Africa almost touches Eurasia are Gibraltar , Suez and Bab-el-Mandeb
  • The highest temperature in the world has been recorded at Al-Aziziyah (Libya) as 58° C making it hottest place in the world
    {...........Socio-Cultural Aspects....}
  • The blacks , live in the equatorial and tropical region form 70% of the population
  • Swahili is a famous language of Africa apart from French , English and other regional /tribal languages
  • The pygmies of Zaire basin are very short on all over Africans
    {..........Main Tribes.......}
  • Bushmen, Masai , Berbers , Zulu , Nubia , Dogon , Bemba , Afar , Amhara , Ibos etc .
    {.........Economic Aspects .....}
  • African is rich in mineral deposits and these minerals are mostly found on the plateau , south of the equator . The minerals found in Africa are diamond , gold , copper , bauxite , platinum , iron ore , petroleum , manganese etc
  • Cotton is the chief cash crop of Africa . Egypt and Sudan grow the best quality long staple cotton in the world .
  • Ethiopia , Kenya are the leading producers of coffee . Oil plan is part of the natural vegetation and large quantities of plan oil is produced in the West African countries
    {.....Leading Producers....}
  • Tea ~ Nigeria
  • Wheat ~ South Africa
  • Rubber ~ Liberia
  • Gold ~ South Africa
  • Copper ~ Zaire
  • Phosphates ~ Morocco
    Thanks reading about Africa ☺️
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