I am African! (An Original Poem)

in #africa6 years ago


I'm African
I'm the eye you see when
you think of riches buried
I'm the one you see
when you think of leaders with brains and brawn tally

I'm the beauty
I'm the sunshine when it glows
I'm the peace in the water
the fountain at Futa Djalo
I'm the height
the strength
the almighty kilimanjaro

I'm the one with the basket of culture
luscious greens, I'm agriculture!
I had armies even before your interjection
And check it. Even the best of your best has an African intersection
I'm the Masai, the zulu
I'm Alpha Conde, Kenyatta Uhuru
I'm the Van Vicker, the Samuel Eto'o fills and Fancis Duru!

I'm the calm in the wilderness
I'm the beauty to your camera lens
So close to nature, check my wildlife
I'm the palm wine, ogene
Boy, I'm the high life
Pat pat our waists wriggle
Jembe, Mbira or even Atilogwu!
Pity patting, beauty in my everything

I'm the peace, I'm river Niger
I'm the the sound, the poem, the rhythmic tiger
I'm Mozambique, Tripoli and Egypt
Tanzania, Botswana and Madagascar
I'm the civilization, I'm Mansa Musa
I'm the revolutionary, Thomas Sankara
I'm the one they didn't respect but I went to their land and made them regret.

I'm the Kwame Nkrumah
I'm the one with 8 degree Robert Mugabe
I'm deeply stretched I'm the Atlantic
I'm the one, the Gold in the Congo!
Yet still absurd people like Omar Bongo!
I'm the King,I'm Morocco
I'm the one with the brains and greater tomorrow.

I'm the Reggae, ah ,I'm Lucky dube
I'm the vanguard against injustice Umkhoto we sizwe
I'm the Africa, I'm Alpha Conde
Whatever you call yourself, I know you're African dear Mr Toure!
I'm the George, I'm the Abedi,I'm the Song
I'm the Parker, the Finidi,I'm the one!

I'm the KANU, the Okocha, who held you to their fun
I'm the sport!
I'm their joy,their source
They claim I have nothing but outdo themselves in fight for my spoils!

I'm African, yes
Cultured best
Disrespected yes
Reputation bent
Monies spent
Corruption nest
Untapped test
Brutal scent
Electricity, faint
Housing, tents
Nothing to spend
It doesn't matter
I'm African
And proudly so!



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