Part 2: I will give up to $ 2 to all who comment on the video and watch carefully. To support the people especially in economical need

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Please, if you can share this blog too...

Please, analyze below all the important points that you understand when listening to the video of Brother Eli. I only support those who put their time and effort to listen to the video and not just copy and paste a comment. I want to see what you understand of Brother Eli's teachings and not our own response to the subject.

I give priority to my vote to the people who commented using the video uploaded in @dlive and @dtube for helping me spread the word of God by any means. Also, mention the date on which you are recording the video.

I created a group chat in the Discord and Telegram application. Join to receive notifications when you post them every day.

Discord Group:

Telegram Grupo:

Please, follow me so as not to miss my next publication. I'm going to vote for all the good comments from the people who heard the word of God in the Bible. As I am trying to publish every day at 7 o'clock in the afternoon.

If you plan to publish your own on the subject that we have discussed here, please leave a comment, with the link of your publication so that we can mutually support each other.

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Your faith in our Lord is so great that it inspires others to follow the light of God. I agree that when HE comes, much will become clear