The African leapfrog...

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Africa leapfrogs with technology, this is a well established fact.

For example many of Africa's smart phone users have never owned a PC or a laptop.

We may soon witness not only an African technological leapfrog but a financial one as well.

Traffic is starting to be spread throughout Africa's major centers with some very large blue dots in major cities.

The Steemit user base in West Africa is expanding most rapidly, similar to what we saw in the initial phases of the viral growth in South Korea.

If we zoom into West Africa we see that this traffic is mostly coming from the English speaking countries in West Africa; Nigeria and Ghana.

The cities being, in descending order, Lagos, Abuja and Accra.

Lagos has jumped to 5th place worldwide, from 20 or so a couple of weeks ago (ignoring the "not set").

That is roughly equivalent to 80% of the traffic out of New York over a comparative period.

This hints strongly at going viral there as well.

This has very interesting implications.

Many of these users will not have had bitcoin before. STEEM will be their first cryptocurrency.

This is not unique, since Steemit is introducing many people to cryptocurrency.

What is unique is that many of the STEEM account holders will be people that have never previously had a bank account.

A technological and financial leapfrog indeed, similar to what happened in Kenya with mpesa, except this is crypto and feeless.

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Wow - Lagos at #5! I would never have guessed. Thanks for the stats - very interesting

Very true @gavvet, here is the first steem-lagos meetup yesterday that i hosted and it was the best, many people asking us what we are up to and what the steemit logo means, many promised to come but only 9-made it. So our target is to get about 250,000 to 500,000 users before 2018......God Help me and the all of us!

With your permission, here is the post about the meetup.


oh wow look at this! you need to connect with @xpency He is my Africa Team Steemit representative and i helped him and @tj4real make a 1000 anbd a 2000 post backa few weeeks agO! it sucks bnecause i helped them make like a 2400 post about signing up nigerians at his school (200 person lecture) to steemit and then price iof steem went from like $2.80 diown to $1 and it seemed like all that money he made was cut in half or more

but he STILl recieved teh SAME amountof steem, the amount he made WILl go back upo as soon as steem goes back yto $3!

uit jjust sucks when you make all that steem and the price goes down and it makes you want to sell

but i promise if yoU DONt seell you will end up making SO much money

u cant afford NOT to turn $1000 into $10,000 when price of steem hgoes from $1 to $10

We can totaly upgrade africa with steemit!

yess LEAPFROG like china did with its induystrial revolution

yes u can SKLIP all the hard parts of industrialization and u can go IMMEIDTALy to blocklchain utopia~!

steemit will give EVERYlast unemployed person in africa a JOB!

And All of Africa gets a new African reserve Currency! both Bitcoin AND steem!

i am so excited go look at #africa or and u can see how much growth there is in Africa steemit category! that #Africa hashtag is huge and we can show anyone in africa who gets online and joins steemit that they will be REWARDED


i wish to connect but they stay in different cities......

Good article,am in Kenya and there are merchants who are exchanging bitcoin to Kenya Shillings..


hey am KENYAN too kindly follow me @darkqueen


follow me too @darkqueen lets make Kenya proud!

I wonder if leapfrogging technology is an advantage or disadvantage when adopting new technology? Does the use of the old technology give you familiarity or do we become old dogs trying to learn a new trick? It will be interesting to watch. Thanks for posting.

This is very good new, and interesting, it will be nice if steem could be accepted as payment in a place like Nigeria, which could well happen if enough people obtain it to put presure on business.


business is very informal there so not so much pressure would be required, since the business owner is also a user.


Thus they can just transfer from one account to the next - great


This is exactly how m-pesa started

The stats are impressive, people who never own a PC nor they have ever used one are now owning smartphones and using platforms such as Steemit. This is indeed a technological leapfrog. I wonder how people are going to understand what actually a cryptocurrency is and how to transfer it to their national currency.

I hope there are Steem users who are guiding these newbies into the world of cryptocurrencies.


The hope is that they eventually wont have to transfer into their national currencies as steem becomes widely used.

This is huge. Steem and Steemit can change a lot of lives in developing countries. I've really enjoyed getting to know some Nigerian Steemit members lately. I agree that Steem could become a default currency in many parts of Africa and the world. We need to support this growth.

And congrats to the Indonesians, Australians, and always the Koreans. Incredible growth there, too!

This is AWESOME! Love it!
I´m Norwegian but have lived in Kenya for some years and do business with people in East Africa now.

This could really become a game changer for many people.

I can totally see this one. It reminds me of communications, Africa basically bypassed traditional phone lines and went straight to mobiles. So i can see them leapfrogging in other areas.

very good news!!

Right! The African would have some hope to overcome the low quality of technical and financial system with steemit!


Thats true the hope is building up

I have just realised that steemit is actually balancing the general value of a money. I mean everyone is earning the same, does not matter if he is from poor country or rich, maybe it has no deeper meening, but it seems kind of interesting for me heh


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Wowww. ...I love how the development is going..lagos is doing a great job. Hope most of the Giants of Africans can emulate this hardwork from lagos. I'm from Ghana and we are doing all that it takes to put the continent on the map. .thanks fod the stats.

That's really good news! For Steemit and for the people living in Africa.

Steemit is growing fast this year. Hope it will keep the moment and grow to be one of the biggest social network around.


Korea and China are all over the place in the crypto world and I'm glad. You know what would be nice? To see more users from arabic and persian countries, especially Iran, Lebanon... Iraq?

And imagine having Steemians from North Korea one day. That would be the best thing to happen.

I am happy to see African countries on top of technological revolutions!

Great future ahead for Steemit.. this is just the beginning....Once it gets little popular in Africa, Steemit is going to spread like wildfire. Thanks @gavvet for sharing these amazing growth statistics.

Africa will soon be top dog & fix the world!!!


One step at a time , unrealistic goals lead to some rather awful failures and deception
Many things have to be overcome .
Also , we should stop thinking in terms of someone being a top dog or no , everyone should rise.

Steemit can change life for everybody !

This is really impressive

Steemit is my first intro to cryptocurrency. Still learning. Enjoy the info and stats. Thanks. Tess :)

Wow, India, Africa ... I never thought that there is such a spread of the Internet.

Follow me

interesting, There are people who earn -1 dollar a day
Steemit can eradicate this problem.
Noble Prize of Humanity : steemit


That is very interesting, what impact crypto could have in this format. Often times I think that a many people sees it as a fight against the banks. However one could ask how much is changed by putting some of that power over to the techies - but Steemit could actually make this movement more mainstream.


Totally agree friend

Can explane anyone please


What do you mean?

Good study, hope to see a lot of stories from African countries. It seems to me that the media we are fed in the European does not reflect exactly or at all what is going down there. Hope the word spreads fast about steemit. Good job and keep up the good work with these articles @gavvet. Peace

Steemit is the best thing that can happen to the World. Let's spread the words all over Africa and across the world. Thanks for sharing @gavvet

Rezreally great post thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

I hope so indeed. Mpesa is based on SMS and offered by the Mobile Operators. In Africa, still a lot of people do not have a smartphone, and when they have, they may bot have coverage. The big cities in Nigeria (eg Lagos) and Ghana (eg Accra) do have quite a few people with smartphones, but these do generally belong to the better financially established people. Whilst Mpesa was and is mostly used by the poor, I'm afraid Steemit and Steem is is and will be used more by those who can afford a smartphone, a mobile data connections (prepaid mainly and expensive compared to Western world) and more.

good post info

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Great story and worthy of a resteem and upvote. I love to hear how cryptocurrency is changing life’s for so many people, it’s amazing. Interesting times ahead for many and I’m super excited about it.

Wouldn't agree more. Today I just saw an article saying Ghana launched its first satellite into space! Leapfrog indeed.

It's lovely to see just how worldwide steem is !

Beautiful post !

Upvoted !

Crazy times to be alive!

Which proves the Steemit is gonna more be valuable n stronghold in future

This is astounding, @gavvet! Beyond leapfrog.

Nice post i Highly appropriate your work

They could try stabilizing their wellfare alltogether fresh on crytocurrency maybe? Juat my thought

One small leap for Africa one giant leap for steemkind! Very interesting and informative share @gavvet, cheers!

please anyone here who will like to share advice and opinion on sex education? there is a move we plan to make and we will appreciate advice, opinion and instructions. please feel free to share your view on this

thank you

Lagos, Abuja, and Accra. Good to know

It speaks of development. And I mean everything (not just technology). Everything is cyclical. For a long time there was a lull, and now a violent growth. Welcome to everyone who wants to join steemit!

First time I ear this kind of information! Thank you, really appreciated!

انا من اشد المعجبين بيك ممكن تدعم حسابي انا اتبع قناتك علي اليوتوب

I said it before, Nigeria is a big market for Steemit. Over 30 million Nigerians are on facebook. If they can get paid for their activities online, they'll surely sign-up on steemit.

Thanks for this awesome update @gavvet.

Nice keep it up, I would like to visit Africa one day

This is quite an unexpected turn!

Awesome Article I got not only new ideas , got information about the new stream and crypt currency

Hey could you send the address where you found the maps? I'm curious to see more!

Great Post!! Steemit can be a game changer.
Blessings to you!!!

nice post brother..

Such great news and many new opportunities.

Keep supporting them there, they always need the latest technological developments.

thanks for the Info.

Nice post i just upvoted :-). Can anyone please answer this question ?


I'm glad that Steemit acts as a bridge to the world of cryptocurrency.
As the users grow so will the interesf in cryptocurrencies and I hope this keeps going on so here is more exposure to everyday people.
Crazy to see the growth of Steemit users in Africa but I guess it will make the community better with different cultures and traditions.
Steem on!

That's crazy!!! Considering I was born in 1996 and have gone through the millennial label, from growing up with true 90's products to being introduced and growing with 00's new technologies and being raised like a computer. It's awesome to see something similar in the same sense is happening elsewhere in the world!

This is a great news. I'm quite sure within the next few month the influx of Africans on steemit will skyrocket.
Together we can move steemit to a greater height .

We are Africans

What are other platforms where non-Africans can start to communicate with Africans? I don't know "where they hang out", so to speak.


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99.283% of steemers signed up later than gavvet (2016.05.16 at 13:53:57).
Hope that helps. Take care!


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Hope that helps. Take care!

Yes STEEMIT will be a growing social network. Africa will also bypass Facebook & Instagram to go to STEEMIT

Great facts! upvoted,resteemed and followed. please follow @drogs

Amazing post

thank you nice post i love it

great post!

Are you from africa? I love africa and will be the someday

welcome everyone from NIgeria. Enjoy your time here :D

This is great! Steemit is not only connecting people from around the world, but also introducing cryptocurrencies at the same time! If South Africa picks up as much as I think it will, we'll be on our way to surpassing the main social media platforms of today. Thanks for sharing :)

The really interesting is wheher this results in the adoption and the development of financial technology and applications on africa , maybe even a new innovation hub / center or it becomes just another app africans use .

I think africans who are on steem are draw by the income earning aspects of steem , and it remains to been see if they start to get a hold of and adopt the udnerlying technology .

The community job is to convert those "paid bloggers" into active contributors to blockchain and fintech related projects

Good news!

that is amazing for the steemit community
more people it means more content and readers

from where you got the city datas can you share it with us?


It's raw Google Analytics data which he puts through some proprietary software.

@gavvet maybe you should add some boilerplate into each of your traffic posts because this is asked so often.

Nice, I need to resteem this
Thanks @gavvet

Très belle analyse, des chiffres promettant pour le steem.

I believe the Lagos meetup may have been happening while you posted this.

when there is enough demand there will be solutions! Its the biggest challenge for crypto it goes so fast for so many areas in the world... Interesting read thx

I really enjoyed this. Thank you. Are you South African?


I was just in your beautiful country. I love it. I posted a short write up on when I met nelson Mandela in 1996. Pls read it and leave a comment or resteem. Or upvote. Thanks so much for all your posts. It is very inspiring.

Exciting space to watch if the growth patterns keep the current trend.

I am from India .. but somehow i get a sense of home when anybody talk about africa Idk why ...
I just want to be a superpower (Dont laugh it can be a great continent if the west decides to stay where they are)

Steemit is changing people lives around the world 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Congratulations @gavvet!
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great of value my friend, thank you for nice blog. Following :D

Vow! This is huge. What is required is awareness to such areas. True the previously unbanked would be advanced than those who are using traditional banking and have no clue about the crypto space. Keep up the good work.

Excellent data analysis and reporting!

Very insightful post. We saw a similar uptake of technology in rural India -first with mobile telephony reaching many who did not have exposure to landlines before and more recently with smartphones connecting millions to get internet who had not had exposure to laptops or computers, in general.
We have to wait and see the penetration of crypto currencies and blockchains.

Great post! So far, we notice that the concentration of Steemit users in Africa is mostly in the English Speaking Countries. Maybe Steemit at some point will have a French version just like Google, facebook.....

This is really good news!
I discovered this new world of cryptocurrency like many other people thanks to Steemit. Although I have a bank account.
I see the future of the cryptocurrency, it is very convenient and safe.

And you've done a great job spreading the news about all these things.
Indeed steemit has a great future.
Thanks for sharing!)

This is totally understandable, no banks previously and now there's no need for them.

My big question is, are they actually making transactions in Steem?

Or is it simply too early to tell?

I've read that Venezuelans are using pepe the frog bitcoins as currency due to the state of the Bolivar but that's a case of an established banking system crashing and the people needing an alternative.

You had to write additional posts besides your Seven Days of Creation series didn't you @gavvet?

I'll be weeks pouring through your blog.