Sharing 10 Misconceptions People Tend to Have Towards Africa|DTUBE #90

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While there's alot of positive things to share about Africa, I must say most of it hardly ever sees the light of day. Alot of popular media entities, both local and international have made it their life missions (at least I think so), to only highlight the negative sides. While some maybe true, it is not entirely All we have to offer as a continent.

Before I can emabrk on sharing the Positives, I want to Kick of this Series By highlighting the Most Obvious Misconceptions the Rest of the World had towards Africa.

Talking Points...

  • Africa is a Single Country
  • ALL African Countries are POOR
  • Africa is Ridden with Diseases
  • All African Government's are Corrupt
    *Africa is Technologically Backwards

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Finally, someone putting the point on letter "i" @elsiekjay

Thanks for sharing this awesome vlog and for explaining the real deal about Africa

Blessings along with your Family

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I had to smile at the first one, but it's so true, many do seem to think Africa is one country. I thought it was just children who hasn't been taught otherwise, but many adults think it too.

Poverty, disease and government corruption are worldwide. I think some countries just hide it better than others or don't want to admit it. There was a time when I thought most of the population in Africa was poor, because all our TV and news showed was the areas in poverty and famine. The internet has opened up a while new opportunity for us to see other dynamics of Africa.

Thank you for watching @minismallholding, means a lot. I do agree the media has a lot to do with how the rest of the world views our continent, hopefully we shall have more civilized and humans in future who are more inclined to tell the truth other than fight for views/rankings by telling lies.