The Mighty Sterkfontein Dam.

in #africa3 years ago

Hey everyone, going through the epic photos of my recent holiday I perused some of these lovely pictures I took on route to the Natal South Coast of Sterkfontein dam.



Generally one goes as the crow flies to ones destination however when a scenic route presents itself, on this day I was in no hurry what so ever decided to do just that. Go the scenic route...



The scenic route was great, what was not great was the dangerous treacherous road and all the terrible potholes, proceed with caution and drive with care we did.


Above on the way we saw this magical mini table mountain so had to capture this in all its natural glory.



This dam supplies Gauteng with drinking water, apparently the fishing here is incredibly good too, as naturally and wild non commercialized and human inhabited as possibly it would appear too which is great.



This truly is an incredibly glorious scenic part of the word. When in Rome and all that, a couple of tourist style shameless selfies are certainly in order.


This beautiful little clay/cement blue giraffe trinket purchased from the locals as a fond memory of this epic detour.


I trust you have an incredible weekend.
Love, light and blessings.

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