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Hi Guys

It's been a minute since i have logged in here to air out my views and all my ridiculous random quotes.

Yeah Yeah wait to read my ridiculous and irrelevant excuses . sit back and relax while i walk you through this .

  • WORK stress - Yeah as very important that sound , that shouldn't be my excuse cause there is life after work. i could equally post after work , during my long patience in traffic ,during lunch break etc but yeah WORK is one of my silly excuse for not posting

  • CONVINCING MY SELF I DON'T NEED THE MONEY(steemit dollar) - WHAT?? i feel stoopid stating this as an exuse guy cause who doesn't want crypto money especially when it is from a good source , i need to check my brain and blood flow cause it lookd like i'm loosing it

  • OTHER FACTORS OF LIFE - Yeah other factors (personal factors) played its role in making me feel down, financial factors(Yes M broke) lol, Family factors. to cut the story short all these can be resolved with FUNDS. i have got none.


P.S- A transfer of steemit coin/dollar will help a brother to post more and Please don't forget to like and follow back .

Love y'all CEEJAY


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