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Hi Beautiful and Georgous Steemit users

Trust you are having a fab day today ? As the title above states this a disclaimer post not trying to abuse or make anyone feel sad or blue .

i Joined steemit for the love of cryptocurrency and also the social hookup . mind you all these don't stop me from having crazy fun on my post. now reading this leaves you wondering where is this post leading to .tot.png

Well. chil and relax while i explain

I recently posted an african tale stories which are popular tales from way back when i was a child . i had no intention to steal anyone content , i have never been a fan or that and would never . beg.jpg

Just making it clear to my readers or who ever comes across my blog , this is the disclaimer

Okay enough ranting from hence forth i think one is allowed to post what he or she feels and want to share to his/her followers without getting Bawo comments (thats nigeria way of calling one a theif). LOL

There is no beef here , No fight , Just my opinon.r.png

Lots of love .

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