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Why and how the wealthiest continent became the poorest?. lemme explain something Africa is not poor. we feed the rest of the world but due to the level of corruption in the continent, we end up a poor continent with natural resources. ra.jpgindex.jpgco.jpg Take Nigeria for example, the government discovered over $9.1 billion as looted funds as at February 2017. So a country with that amount of money as looted funds should be rich right?. Yes the country is rich but the people in the country are so poor that the average Nigerian earns less than $4000 a year. Yet their politicians are part of the highest paid in the world. The senate committee earn as much as $150 000 per month yet they still loot funds. The problem is actually Africa itself. People are comfortable with where they are and just hope things will get better one day instead of working hard to fight corruption, you hear people saying when they become politicians they will also loot funds because the same was done for them. we have to create a future for our children and also ensure we live a better life that is why we have a lot of internet scammers in Africa and people no longer trust the continent. God bless Africa.

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@bosschick Thank you for your work, I invite you to evaluate my work.

My friend, a kind reminder here.
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Thanks for the correction.

I studied African history last year and it is an amazing series of stories. Your post is well done, and I appreciate it. Upvoted, resteemed, and followed you @bosschick