BitRent goes to Africa !

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After series of successful meetings in various cities of India, Bitrent’s next goal is to expand the network of contacts, as well as search for investors in the territory of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Republic of Ghana.
At this stage, there are already active negotiations with potential partners and investors. Among them there are founders of such large and influential organizations as:
➢ Kumasi Hive
➢ Ghana Dot Com
➢ Blockchain Society Ghana
➢ Ghana Blockchain Conference
➢ Blockchain Nigeria User Group (BNUG)
➢ Blockchain Nigeria Aliance

The economic growth of Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Angola, Zambia, Mozambique and Namibia, as well as the development of small and medium businesses in these countries, make it possible to consider the African market as rapidly growing, therefore as the priority for future partnership.
Ghana and Nigeria are among the most promising markets for us, which, after receiving direct foreign investment, show some of the best results of the economic growth on the continent. Investments in the natural resource sectors in these countries cause demand for high-quality commercial and residential real estate, which allows us to apply our unique block chain system in the field of real estate development, which demonstrates impressive growth in value.
The representatives of BitRent have conducted a series of preliminary online negotiations so far, which included a detailed description of the platform, technologies and projects. As a result, we have achieved the interest of such large companies as:
➢ Devtraco Limited
➢ DENYA Developers
➢ Abland
➢ Imperial Homes and others.

We have already scheduled meetings with the management of these companies for the end of August this year. In its turn, Devtraco has offered to consider one of its projects, the verification of which will mark the beginning of a new cooperation for BitRent in Africa. During the visit, presentations and meetings will be held with representatives of the block communities of these countries, as well as with representatives of the government with the aim of building a long-term partnership and attracting investments in the platform projects.
Nowadays in Africa there are more than 1 billion inhabitants, and, as expected, their number will reach to 2.4 billion in just 40 years. Practical absence of large competitors, together with an acute shortage of properties in the real estate market, allows Bitrent to take a leading position in the market in partnership with local companies.



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