Learn how to be a kid again!

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When you were born you didn't have afraid of speaking in front of groups.

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Think when you were a child, without afraid of speaking in public, without need to fit in where you were, you have the amazing sense of adventure, passion and excitement, you were really happy. That condition is your authentic self. But then what happens is along the way we take in beliefs and values and behaviors that we get from the people around us, obvious we are influenced by our environment and in particularly the parents, the coaches, the people who are around us the most, particularly the formative years.

We take in those beliefs and in those values and for most people in the world we take in those behaviors and create a gap, a space between your authentic self and your personality.

You have to know what are your values, what are the principles you wanna live by, not necessary what other people taught you.

You need to know the stuff that matters to you, it's gotta to be your goals not someone else.

Most people today they are doing something they really don't want to do, they are a dentist because 3 generations of their family were a dentist, there are a lawyer because their mother was a lawyer or their father was a lawyer.

And some people are doing this, running like in auto-pilot, in someone else goals.

We usually say money and materials things don't buy happiness, they allow you to self-expression on things that brings you happiness.

Happiness comes from achievements as we keep creating achievements we want to accomplish and we start to achieve those things that is what brings us happiness.

You can seat all day, have no money worries, nothing to do, watch all day movies in TV all day long, all your needs are met for you if you have a wealthy mother or father that gives every month millions to you use in your necessities and you wouldn't be happy because happiness comes from doing things, from achieving things, and when you switch from success for significant is not having another achievement it is having a achievement that means something.

Another situation that is common is people usually are worried with what, about other people think about them and doesn't matter what other people think, it is your life, do what you like, live like you want.

Be comfortable in your skin because you can't love anyone until you love yourself first.

You need to love yourself before you even like anyone else!

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