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RE: AFL - Interesting Stats leading into Round 4

in #afl3 years ago

Based on the games against Fremantle and the Bulldogs, those Essendon stats makes perfect sense. Time for some hard questions to be asked at selection this week.


and the one win they had they were behind for most of the game, and got flogged in the 3rd quarter.

It was sickening to watch. At the rate we're travelling, Sidebottom will end up in hospital with leather poisoning on ANZAC Day

Ah you're a Bombers fan.

I hope you're right, about time the Anzac day pendulum seeing the other way. I'm hoping for 2 wins out of the next 3. 1 at a minimum

Unless Worsfold can light a bit of hunger in our side, we'll finish bottom 4

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