My predicted top 8

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Just a quick and simple post.


Each week, I'm going to post my top 8 as I see it at the end of the season. This has been done by tipping all games until the end of the season, and will be updated as results come through and I review my future tips in case I change my mind on what I have since seen.

So here it is for this week:

  1. Geelong
  2. Collingwood
  3. GWS
  4. Essendon
  5. Richmond
  6. Port Adelaide
  7. West Coast
  8. Melbourne

On exposed form, 4th for Essendon might be a bit ambitious (and I'm a Bombers fan). Melbourne aren't looking that flash, I think Brisbane are a better shot at a top 8 finish than the Dees.

You can potentially win the next 4 games and go into the bye round 7-4. I think your draw is generally easier because of where you finished last year.

I've got Melbourne winning 7 straight from rounds 14-20

At the moment, Melbourne look like they'd have trouble beating an egg. At the beginning of the year, my expectations of them were fairly high, but they have been pretty badly exposed.

Where's old mate @westcoasteagles? Haven't seen him around in a while. Possibly still celebrating that flag?

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