😀The not so Daily affirmations w/ saithe #6😀 "Accepting miracles"

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Saithe here sounding your affirmation alarm for today. Now let us find a quiet place for relaxation and begin our affirmation 😁

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Most of us have the negative perception about receiving things. It might range from others giving us help or straight up getting money for free. Sometimes for us to experience miracles in our lives, we need to accept what God is giving us by using people as his vehicle.

By refusing the help of others, we lose out on many possibilities to better ourselves and opportunities to also help others in need. There is a saying that no man is an Island which means that we need the help of others in our journey in life.

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There was a study whiched asked people to count the number photographs in a newspaper. Lucky ones where more likely to spot the message that reads "Stop counting. The are 43 photographs in this newspaper". If you are open to receiving the blessings from others, you are also more likely to find events that lets you experience miracles.


Affirmations is a sentence or a set of words that helps in refreshing your mind and flush out stress and anxiety. Think of it as a mini meditation that you could use everywhere you go.

IT IS ACTUALLY FREE!! 😁 unlike meditation/reiki courses, you don't need to pay someone to learn affirmations. Just Google up some quotes in YouTube and viola!! Your now set to do affirmations.😀

😉😉Feel Free to post your personal affirmations on the comments😉😉

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