Experience the Marriage of Affiliate Marketing and the Blockchain 1st hand! Get PAID while doing it too! ;)

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Goodday reader,

Experience the Marriage between Affiliate Marketing and the Blockchain 1st hand!

On a day like today which is a Double Milestone for me : My 7th CTP Pro Member Anniversary and 5,000+ CTP tokens powered up!!! I had to share this wonderful site with those of you that haven't discovered it yet!


ClickTrackProfit has it all, extensive affiliate marketing training, email marketing, teams, badges, bi-weekly community webinars, social media and cryptocurrency too!

Heck you can even save Unicorns on this site! lol

Community support all over the web on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Telegram, CTPTalk and Hive to mention a few.

It's FREE to join and you can learn and earn without investing anything but your time.

200,000+ members aren't wrong!!! ;)

I trust the site and the owners, (they are available almost 24/7 to answer member questions @jongolson and @blainjones) so I bought a lifetime PRO membership 7 years ago today and I definitely don't regret it! ;)

I got PAID again, just last week! $$$ ;)

And that's an automatic cashout, I'm not counting the Cryptocurrency payments which are as often as I am active on CTPTalk or Hive. So in my case, daily! ;)

Get paid for posting, commenting and upvoting on posts, in your currency or cryptocurrency!

Not to forget you get TWICE the earnings for each of those too, as you get PAID in CTPTokens AND in Hive tokens for anything you blog about on either platform, you also get blogged and earn on the other platform too!!!! $ € $ € $ €

They are proven payers and have been been since 2011 when they originally launched. That's the year I joined and still earned even before upgrading; I upgraded to lifetime PRO member 7 years ago today and am still glad I did! This is a marriage you won't want to divorce from! lol

In case you're still not sure that you should take the plunge into this wonderful world called ClickTrackProfit, I will sweeten the deal even more (than the site does by itself), if you join under me and send me your username, I will send you 5 CTP Tokens to help get you started! ;)

As the photo correctly depicts, the 5 ways to Wellbeing are Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give. Those things are what ClickTrackProfit's all about!

See you on the other side! :)

Stay safe and have a great week, Lee Chapman aka griega

Affiliate Marketer / Blogger / Multilingual Interpreter / Animal and Human Rights Activist

P.S. Actifit: https://actifit.io/signup?referrer=griega @actifit @kpreddy @mcfarhat @elizabethbit and Hive: https://hiveonboard.com?ref=griega are also ClickTrackProfit approved!!!! ;)

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