Affiliate opportunity ! we never heard that steeming crap ever

in affiliate •  2 years ago

Does technology create a win ?

Now,let me say in the world of referral opportunity ^ the money should come from real advertisers real business with real products and services.. How many opportunities are just folks giving money for a way to make money online? ANSWER.TOO MANY,dude. MAKE MONEY ONLINE GURUS Motus Operandi .... Join the " how to make money on Bramazon or some other program list for free .. The upgrade pitch is a comin'. Now,it is interesting how many internet marketing experts want folks to join their secret inner circle for a monthly subscription fee,,,. Some of these "marketing masters" even admit it is their best source of income on the net.... I say that most of these dudes should all go figure themselves. Go figure !

Now, after joining and watching the greatest affiliate marketing concept ever in the affiliate marketing arena, the time is not now to launch.--- The pioneer days (first movers) last way to long . Many marketing days were ugkyvee . Real ugly, man. My opinon, only 2 more years of flaming darts to the troops... You say ,I do not care.. First I hate the word you, because you are more than you.. Hey,most folks on Steemit are ahead of the ^ the down the pike curve.... So therefore I share a marketing model that can pay and reward for opinions , Steemit members rank in my book! Remember Buzzirk is not blowing smoke on Steemit.

Next bolg Social saves ... then coming this fall Stinkin Steemer blog on Steemit "The kaboom,the staggering petro dollar and the crypto crazy ...." rainbows !

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