Bookie Affiliate Program - Coming Soon

in affiliate •  9 months ago

This article originally appeared in our January Newsletter.

Affiliate programs are nothing new to the sports betting world. But decentralized affiliate programs are very new, and Bookie’s program is unlike anything seen before it.

We understood early on that a decentralized betting exchange would also need built-in decentralized marketing. And we realized that if we get that decentralized marketing right, it could leverage the energy and creativity of the Bookie community to create a grass-roots marketing tsunami. We think the Bookie affiliate program is going to deliver on this expectation, and work is well underway to build an on-chain affiliate system into the Bookie back-end -- the Peerplays blockchain.


Our two goals for the Bookie affiliate program are simplicity and fairness, achieved in the following ways:

  • Anyone can become a Bookie affiliate
  • Set up a Peerplays account and you’re ready to go
  • Marketing assets provided on the Bookie affiliate website (in production)
  • Simple URL referral system using Peerplays account name
  • Affiliates receive a % of Gross Bookie Commission generated by their referred users
  • Automated on-chain payment, straight into the affiliate’s Peerplays account

We’ll be releasing a full description of the Bookie affiliate program later this spring.

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Nice post, I look forward to becoming an a bookie affiliate since I do something similar for a living

I am excited to see Bookie moving along with developments. The transaction speed problems that many of the other platforms are having shouldnt be a problem as this one is running BitShares graphene. On top of that, by buying Peerplays your not just getting Bookie but all the Dapps they release. I can't wait.